Dedicated. Passionate. Professional. Me.
Picture of Me
I am ...
  • Print & Web Designer.
    • I create only quality designs that are delightful to look at.
  • Educational Technologist.
    • I work with learners and I am devoted to improving learners' experiences through research & experimentations with technologies.
  • Blogger.
    • I blog in Chinese over at随心·随笔. I will be blogging here, as well, in English about design, education and technologies.
  • Elaine Chua, also known as rayvolvez.
    • That's my name & soubriquet.


This portfolio showcases some of my favourite works, selection from Web Design, Print Design & my Digital Artworks. Feel free to browse, and as they say, a picture speaks more than a thousand works. If you wish to, you may click on 'Contact Me' at any one point in time if you would like to talk about Design and perhaps, hear what I can do for you.