Hello, my name is Elaine Chua, also known as “rayvolvez”.

I innovate workarounds for all of life’s bad jokes and I craft delightful sights that you:

In short,

I design for lives, not for a living.

Professional Experience

I have been “revolutionising” print & web design since 2005. 6 years and going.

I am (definitely more than) competent with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver (though I mostly hand code my websites nowadays), HTML, CSS, WordPress and etc. I ensure that all my websites are validated according to HTML5 and CSS3 specifications.

I live & breathe design, and breathe life into designs. I am strong in user experience, specifically in layout, typography, colours and interactivity, creative conceptualisation, design direction. I design for all media, ranging from print to web. I am competent with project management and client communication.

Apart from design, I’m an Educator. On top of teaching, I work with and build on Educational Technologies such as Google Apps for Education, WordPress Multisite, Moodle, Mahara and customisations of CMS for Educational purposes.

Recent Clientele


  • JumperAds.com
  • MV Works Huntingford (Shanghai, China)
  • ACI Worldwide (Singapore/International)

Local Businesses

  • Rumah Bebe
  • Asia Car Rental
  • My Pastry Online
  • Ideal Cars Pte Ltd
  • East West Executive Travellers (Singapore)
  • XDeal Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  • AlphaElite, LLP (Singapore)
  • Donut Factory Singapore
  • Cowell Insurance Pte Ltd
  • Maxventure Insurance Pte Ltd

Schools & Government

  • Serangoon Garden Secondary School
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • Housing Development Board Singapore
  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Ministry of Education
  • Land Transport Authority Singapore
Design & Blog Awards
  1. (2007) IdentiTEE Tee Shirt Design Competition 2007 1st Place, Consolation, Top 30
  2. (2007) Photoshop Design Challenge 7: Top 29 Finalists
  3. (2008) Photoshop Design Challenge 8: Top 26 Finalists
  4. (2009) Photoshop Design Challenge 9: Top 30 Finalists
  5. (2011) Photoshop Design Challenge 11: Top 30 Finalists
  6. (2011) Photoshop Design Challenge 11: Honourable Mention
  7. (2007-2008) QNT Website Design Award
  8. (2007) Post-It@Youth.Sg Art Blog Competition Winner – “Is this Art?”
  9. (2007) IDA National Day Parade iN2015 Digital Artwork 1st Place Winner
  10. (2008) UniqueCSS February Top 8 Finalist
  11. (2007-2009) Website listed in most major website design galleries.
  12. (2010) Singapore Blog Awards – Y-Bloggist: Round 1 Winner; Overall Winner
  13. (2010) President Challenge Blogging Contest – Chinese Category Winner
  14. (2010) Yifon Mushroom Blogging Competition – 3rd Prize
  15. (2011) Singapore Blog Awards – Asus Best Tech Blog Winner

I am 24 this year. I am, thankfully, no longer one of the rare females in this design/web industry. I would describe myself as “dedicated, passionate and professional”. Some would describe me as “workaholic”. I guess, both works.

If I am not working, I would be reading, writing/blogging and thinking (or daydreaming).

No I do not drink and I am anti-smoking.